• Языки: Американский английский Американский английский
  • Страна: вырос в США, штат Мичиган
  • Образование: Стамбульский университет культуры по специальности "Преподаватель английского языка".
  • Стаж: с 2018 года

О себе:

Hello I'm Michael. I grew up in Michigan, USA but I currently live in Istanbul, Turkey. I moved here with my family. I think the process of learning a language is unique for every person, everyone has a different approach and I really enjoy trying to figure out how people learn. I think the most important part of learning is enjoying the process, if you're having fun and learning at the same time then you will learn much faster. I am very excited to teach you and I will try my best to make learning English a fun and memorable experience for both of us.

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Американский английский Американский английский
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